ContinuingEdStore Issuer

ContinuingEdStore Issuer accounts allow for the bulk upload, processing and distribution for any provider of continuing education credits. Place notes, handouts and certificates directly in users' accounts. ContinuingEdStore can send them a customized email, or you can download a list to do it yourself.


Whether a credit is ready to be distributed, pending accreditation or still in process, ContinuingEdStore can store its information. When the time comes, place credits, handouts, and other materials directly in the user's ContinuingEdStore account.

Bulk Upload

Add as many or as few credits as you like at once. ContinuingEdStore's distributor interface allows Issuers to add as many credits for any course as necessary.

Direct Deposit

Place credits, certificates, handouts, and other course information directly in a user's account.

Flexible Distribution

Notify credit recipients however you like: Download a list of credits to send your own notices, send a custom notice from ContinuingEdStore, or let us do the work for you with a standard email.

Save Before You Send

ContinuingEdStore knows that accreditation can take some time. If credits aren't ready to be distributed, store them with us until they can be sent. When the time comes, just update the credit, choose your distribution method, and deposit them into user's accounts.

Safe & Secure Data Storage

ContinuingEdStore’s servers are subject to the highest security and reliability standards. Know that your data is safeguarded and ready for you when you need it.

24/7 Access

Access your coursework and completion notes from anywhere you have an internet connection. Use technology to your advantage and know that your courses are available anywhere at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a smart phone.