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ContinuingEdStore is packed with features to make the continuing education process easier. Here's some information to help you take advantage of all that's available.

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Information about what ContinuingEdStore is, does, and can be for you.

What is ContinuingEdStore?

ContinuingEdStore is a simple, easy-to-use online resources for licensed professionals to store, track, and analyze their continuing education courses and credits.

Why use ContinuingEdStore?

Whether you're a single proprietor or a large shop, your reputation, career, and livelihood rely on your professional licenses and credentials. These accreditations represent not only your qualifications, but also your continued pursuit of perfecting your trade. ContinuingEdStore provides resources to help maximize the content, timing, and costs of your continuing education.

Do I need ContinuingEdStore if my licensing body tracks my CE for me?

ContinuingEdStore is about more than just keeping track of your continuing education credits. Use ContinuingEdStore to store your course work and notes, to analyze how and when you complete your education requirements, and to make sure your staff, partners, and colleagues are all aware of your progress. Or, use ContinuingEdStore to make sure you and your professional licensing body agree on how many credits you've completed.

How can ContinuingEdStore help a large firm?

ContinuingEdStore Enterprise Access allows a single user to view multiple accounts at once in order to better track the coursework of multiple professionals.

This single access viewpoint allows managers and HR employees to easily ensure that all team members are current and up to date with course requirements.

ContinuingEdStore Enterprise Access also comes with Advanced Analytics across all accounts, allowing firm wide verification and analysis of employee course completions by credit type across professions and subject areas as well as by course provider and course type.

How can ContinuingEdStore help a small firm?

ContinuingEdStore Premium accounts are perfect for small shops looking to spend more time focusing on their work rather than their administrative duties.

With a ContinuingEdStore Premium account professionals can track their course work, store their course notes and materials, and easily analyze their course usage. Premium accounts also come with automatic email reminders of outstanding requirements, credits fulfilled, and analysis of completed courses.

What if I have multiple credentials and need multiple credit types?

No problem. Any ContinuingEdStore account will upload and store any credit type. Premium and Enterprise accounts allow you to view credits by the licenses to which they're assigned, so you can view and analyze CPE, CLE, and CME separately.

Signing Up

Getting started with ContinuingEdStore is easy. If you haven't already, you should try it.

How do I sign up?

Visit our registration page and follow the instructions there.

How does the registration process work?

The registration page involves two simple steps:

  1. Provide your email address and select a password, then
  2. Select an account type.

Once your account is set up we'll ask you some basic information about yourself to help us tailor your experience. Then you're off and running.

Is a credit card required for registration?

Payment information is only required for Premium or Enterprise accounts. No payment informatino is required if you'd like to use ContinuingEdStore Basic free of charge.

Using ContinuingEdStore

No matter your profession, your needs, or your ContinuingEdStore account type, we'll track and store your credits and courses.

Can I store certificates of completion with ContinuingEdStore?

Yes. Certificates, course attestations, and other forms of documentation can be stored on ContinuingEdStore.

You can either upload these forms directly to ContinuingEdStore or include a link to the provider’s server, if such a resources has been provided. Either way, you'll have access to these materials.

Can I store license information on ContinuingEdStore

Yes. Basic license information like state, profession, and renewal date are available for all account types. ContinuingEdStore Premium and Enterprise users have access to added features that will allow for assigning specific credits and courses to a license as well as setting automated email reminders about license renewal dates.


ContinuingEdStore is packed with features. Learn how to put them to use.

How do I store course handouts and notes?

ContinuingEdStore Premium and Enterprise users may store electronic versions of these documents or links to these materials on a course provider's server. To do so, visit the credit detail page by selecting More under the "Details" column of the Completed Courses table on your main account dashboard.

What's included with Advanced Analytics?

ContinuingEdStore's Advanced Analytics breaks down coursework by several categories to give a more accurate picture of how courses are taken, by which method, and through which provider.

Advanced Analytic categories include:

  • Costs per credit
  • Costs per provider
  • Credits by provider
  • Credits by format
  • Credits by date

How do I set email reminders?

ContinuingEdStore Premium and Enterprise users can set automatic updates on their course progress and reminders of upcoming license renewals:

  • Automatic Updates can be sent on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. To adjust when these emails are sent, visit your account dashboard, go to the "Profile" tab and click the value in the "Email Updates" row in the table. By default, Premium and Enterprise users will receive these emails quarterly. To turn off automated emails, select "none". These emails are sent on the following schedule:
    • Weekly emails are sent on Mondays
    • Monthly emails are sent on the first of the month
    • Quarterly emails are sent on the first day of each quarter
  • Reminder Emails can be set for each license you store in ContinuingEdStore. To set them, select the "licenses" tab on the account dashboard and More in the "Details" column of the "Professional Licenses" table. Once there, click on the setting in the "Email Reminders" section of the License Detail table.
    If a reminder is set for a license the "Professional Licenses" table under the "Licenses" tab of the dashboard will display this symbol:

What information is included with automatic email updates?

Email updates detail how many credits are stored in your account and how many have been added since your last update email. Think of it as a progress report.

What information is included with license reminder emails?

License reminder emails let you know when your license is due for renewal, how many days you have until that date, how many credits are associated with that particular license, and how that credit total compares to your requirements.

How can I share my account?

To connect with an Enterprise user, connect your Premium account with an administrator, or ask colleagues to join your Enterprise account, request a new connection via our Connection page.

How can I view credits by type?

With Premium and Enterprise accounts, users can assign credits to a specific license. This can be done through both the license detail page and the main account dashboard.

What information is available in analytics for multiple users?

Enterprise accounts show an analytics dashboard with the same metrics and features as individual Premium and connected Enterprise users. For group accounts, this data is aggregated across connected users and can be broken down on a per user basis by viewing that user's analytics page.

Can I suggest a new feature?

Absolutely. Let us know what you have in mind.

Premium Accounts

How do I sign up for a Premium account?

If you're already a ContinuingEdStore Basic user, visit the change account page and follow the instructions there. If you're not a ContinuingEdStore user, you'll have the option to sign up for ContinuingEdStore Premium when you register.

What do I need to do to initiate ContinuingEdStore Premium features after I've upgraded?

Most features will automatically turn on as soon as your order has been processed, with your account being set to issue quarterly update emails as a default. With a few features, including license reminder emails and associating credits with your license, you'll have to set when and how you want to use these features yourself.

What features do I get with a Premium account?

A full breakdown of features by account type is available on our accounts page.

How do admin connections work?

Each Premium account is allowed one admin connection for a second viewer to manage and - yes - administer the account under their own login credentials. Premium account subscribers can set view/edit permissions for this user, customizing their access to the primary user's specifications.

Admin users can only see the account to which they are connected and do not have access to features that will allow them to manage or track their own continuing education credits and requirements. To enable admin users to do so, look into ContinuingEdStore Enterprise accounts.

What if I want to cancel my Premium access?

As with Enterprise accounts, Premium subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time. To do so, visit our change account page and select ContinuingEdStore Basic.

Your subscription will remain active until the end of your current billing period, at which point your account will revert to a ContinuingEdStore Basic account and Premium features will be turned off.

Enterprise Accounts

How do I sign up for an Enterprise account?

If you're already a ContinuingEdStore Basic user, visit the change account page and follow the instructions there. If you're not a ContinuingEdStore user, you'll have the option to sign up for ContinuingEdStore Enterprise when you register.

What do I need to do to initiate ContinuingEdStore Enterprise features after I've upgraded?

Most features will automatically turn on as soon as your order has been processed, with your account being set to issue quarterly update emails as a default. From there, all you'll have to do is request users link accounts with your new Enterprise account.

What benefits do connected users receive with my Enterprise account?

By connecting a user to your Enterprise account, you unlock all the features and benefits available for ContinuingEdStore Premium for that user.

How do I invite users to connect their account with mine?

ContinuingEdStore's connection page lets you request connections to existing ContinuingEdStore users. On this page you can set their connection type (connection or hub user on your account).

If the users you'd like to connect with your account are not registered with ContinuingEdStore you can either invite them to join or provide your account key for use when registering. A link with this account key pre-embedded is available on the "Account" tab of the Enterprise dashboard.

What is a hub user?

Hub users are the center of your Enterprise network. These users are able to see and edit all connected accounts per those users' permissions.

What permissions do hub users have?

Hub users can manage and edit connected accounts per those users' permission settings. They cannot make changes to overall account settings, like connection levels, or payment information. These settings can only be changed by the main account contact.

How can I change the number of connections on my account?

To upgrade and downgrade visit the change account page. These changes can only be made by the main account contact.

If you're attempting to downgrade and have more active and pending connections than allowed in your new account level, you'll be prompted to delete some connections before proceeding.

How is the main account contact determined?

Main account contacts are the users who initiate the Enterprise subscription.

Can I change the main account contact?

Yes, please contact us with the name and email address of the current main account contact and the user you wish to make the new account contact.

Connected Users

How do I connect my account with other users'?

Visit our connection page to request a new connection.

What permissions do connected users have in viewing and changing my account?

Privacy and permission settings allow users to determine if a connection can view and edit credits, licenses, and orders. Permission settings can be set for changing personal and profile information.

In all cases, these permissions are set by the user whose account is being viewed.

What happens after a connection request is sent?

After requesting a connection, a notification email will be sent to the requestee. The requestor will receive an email confirmation if the request has been approved.

How do I view connected users?

For the hub connections on Enterprise accounts, this information will be the default view in the account dashboard.

All users can view this information in the Profile tab of the main account dashboard.

Both of these views include links to a connection detail page with further information.

How can I delete a connection?

Wherever you see information about a connection, you'll have the option to delete that connection.

Changing Account Types

How can I upgrade or downgrade my account?

Go to ContinuingEdStore's change account page and select your new account type.

How are payments handled when changing subscription type?

If you're upgrading from ContinuingEdStore Basic you'll be asked to provide a credit card for your new subscription.

If you're upgrading or downgrading from one subscription type to another, your payment information will be changed and you'll be charged at the new rate in your account.

Why is my request to downgrade my Enterprise subscription being blocked?

If you're downgrading from one level of ContinuingEdStore Enterprise to another and have more users connected to your account than allowed in your new tier, you'll be prompted to delete some connections before you can proceed.

What happens to my account and those of my connections after I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling a Premium or Enterprise subscription doesn't mean the ContinuingEdStore party has to end. Your account and those of all connected users will revert to a ContinuingEdStore Basic account, storing the same information about your credits and licenses it once did. The only difference is your access to the information and management tools available through Premium and Enterprise subscriptions.

Issuer Accounts

Are any limitations or restricted placed on the number of courses or credits that can be issued?

No. Issuer accounts allow unlimited courses, credits, uploads, and distributions.

Is any action required from users when a course is issued?

No. At the time of issue courses are automatically placed in a user's account.

How are credits handled for recipients who are not ContinuingEdStore members?

When a credit is issued, ContinuingEdStore checks for the cooresponding member's account. If no account is issued, an invitation is sent to the email address specified with the credit. When a user account is registered with that email address on ContinuingEdStore those credits are automatically placed in the newly created account.

Does ContinuingEdStore require users to register in order to view or download credits?

Registration is not required for users to download credits. Regardless of the distribution method, users will be given a unique URL and access number that can be used to access their credits without requiring login or registration.

Can users edit credits after they've been issued?

Yes. Once a credit has been issued a user can change any information about that item that they like.

Can issuers edit credits after they've been issued?

No. At the time of issue, issuers can no longer change information about a credit.

What options does ContinuingEdStore provide in notifying users of a new credit being available?

ContinuingEdStore's bulk upload utility allows for three types of notifications. Issuers can:

  1. Send a standard email from ContinuingEdStore,
  2. Customize the message of this email and send a notification on a standard ContinuingEdStore template from a ContinuingEdStore email address, or
  3. Download a csv with information about the credits that have been issued and how users can retreive this information.

What course information can be customized for each credit?

While ContinuingEdStore requires certain information for each course, whether that information is used for each credit is at the discretion of the issuer. If, for instance, a credits for a particular course are issued under a different accreditiation for a different user, that information can be customized for each credit issued or set to default to the information associated with the course.

Leaving ContinuingEdStore

Goodbyes are hard, and though we hate to see our users go, sometimes things change. We understand.

How do I cancel or close my account?

At the bottom of the Profile tab on the dashboard is an option to close your account. Follow the prompts and directions there and you'll be on your way.

What happens to my subscription when I close my account?

We'll cancel your subscription and revert all connected users to a ContinuingEdStore Basic account.

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Updated: June 29, 2014