ContinuingEdStore Enterprise

ContinuingEdStore Enterprise provides the tools and resources necessary for complete control of firm-wide continuing education tracking and management.


per month 5 Connected Users | 1 Admin User


per month 10 Connected Users | 1 Admin User


per month 30 Connected Users | 2 Admin Users


per month 50 Connected Users | 3 Admin Users


per month 100 Connected Users | 4 Admin Users
Admin Users 1 1 2 3 4
Connected Users 5 10 30 50 100


Enterprise accounts not only allow for the management of multiple accounts from one screen, they also unlock all the benefits of ContinuingEdStore Premium for all connected accounts. Visit our accounts page for a full account-by-account comparison of features, or view basic and premium features on our features page.

Store Course Materials & Notes

Courses are about more than credits. Keep track of what you've learned by uploading course materials, handouts, and your own notes to ContinuingEdStore.

Advanced Analytics on Courses & Credits

ContinuingEdStore's Advanced Analytics allow users to quickly see how and when continuing education requirements are met, thereby enabling more effective management of licensing requirements, course workload, and provider relationships.

Automatic Email Reminders & Updates

ContinuingEdStore will automatically email reminders and updates to users at an interval of their choosing. Check your progress quarterly, monitor your coursework monthly, or watch your staff's usage by the week.

Share Your Account

Share access with an assistant, a payroll department, or set up an admin account to monitor the progress and usage of all the professionals at your firm.

Advanced Display for Multiple Credential Credits

Jack or Jill of all trades? Keep your CLEs and your CPEs separate from each other and view and track each credit type separately to quickly see your progress across your credential requirements.

Analytics for Multiple Users

Monitor the progress and usage of multiple users from one screen. Enterprise access enables all ContinuingEdStore features for a collection of accounts, allowing group tracking of reaccreditation requirements, provider relationships and usage, or any other metric desired.